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While I was working at the Trulaske College of Business as an Assistant Communications Coordinator, the college decided it was time to streamline and update their sprawling, ancient Sharepoint site. We enlisted an agency to do most of the heavy design lifting, so that our team of four could focus on content strategy.

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We identified several issues with the website that we wanted the design and structure to address, including the fact that our current site’s content wasn’t targeted to any specific audience, was very disorganized and included information and forms that were unnecessary or inappropriate for external users to access. I was a major proponent of targeting the content on new website to an external audience, and housing content for our internal audiences in the college intranet or on blackboard — a strategy which we ultimately implemented. In order to benchmark other competitors, I created a written and visual review of other college of business websites that we gave to the design agency.


Once we had determined our audiences and types of content that would live on the site, I created the initial version of the site map.


I met with internal departments and stakeholders to create buy-in for the new structures and styles and to develop content for the site. With web and the new Trulaske style in mind, I and my boss wrote or revised some of the content on the site, though some has changed since its launch in January 2013. Here is a writing sample:

At the Trulaske College of Business, we train researchers and instructors who will go on to make a difference in fiscal policy and business practices as well as in the lives of future generations in business. The program is rigorous and dynamic, combining a strong analytical focus with the flexibility to tailor your studies to the topics that interest you.

We prepare you
The Trulaske College of Business doctoral programs at Mizzou prepare graduates for careers as effective university researchers and teachers or for senior research positions in business or government. And we’re pretty good at it. In fact, our students have 100% placement after graduation. To this end, coursework involves research activities such as literature review and critique, theoretical modeling, research design, computer-assisted empirical analysis, and preparation of proposals and research papers.

In addition to writing content, I selected and edited photos and consulted on design, branding and usability. Overall, the final site and its content was much more streamlined and on-brand. I didn’t get the opportunity to be involved in the site’s testing, launch and revisions because I started a new position at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis.

Screen grab of the Trulaske landing page and fly-out menu



Screen grab of an internal page from the Trulaske site